Real Football 2014 apk HD android Mobile Full Version Free Download

Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

Real Football 2014 apk HD android Mobile Full Version Free Download

Real Football 2013 apk HD android Mobile Full Version Free Download
Real Football 2013 for Android is the new soccer game, and most compelling, is provided completely free of charge for Android devices.

In basic, Real Football 2013 for Android football game genres combined management team appealing design based real images and sharp phase ball away. Real Football 2013 for Android was developed by Gameloft released with graphical interface and is optimized in the new world of mobile devices.

Along with FIFA 2012 for Android and PES 2013 AndroidReal Football 2013 Android is one of the top 3 football games for smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices.
However, Real Football 2013 is rated more difficult than FIFA or PES, by now, the intelligence of the computer players has increased so much, that surprising. Specifically, there is no such thing as a ball player running a game from start to finish and scored! Also, after every game to win, you will be rewarded with a decent amount of money to be used for many different purposes in the game.

In this new edition, players not only have the opportunity to experience join our top games in hand but also general management roles teams, stadiums, and many other aspects.

Real Football 2013 for Android, the first time the world's leading names such as Falcao, Christiano Ronaldo or Messi ... names seemed to be only the beginning of the heated match on grass, now gathered together in a team under the guidance and arrange your own. What could be more wonderful?

In Real Football 2013 blockbuster new, developer Gameloft has invested heavily over 3000 players licensed by FIFPro. Not only that, Real Football 2013 is constantly updated list of the latest player transfers to the player to ensure high quality realistic simulation possible.

 Real Football 2013 for Android was developed on the basis of relatively smooth graphics and smooth game, skill of the AI ??movement is simulated with more than 700 motion to ensure gamers can not help but marvel. The combination of skills not yet achieved what EA did with FIFA 12, but it was enough for you to "funding" on its devices. The game show mode is quite good, but one should not turn on the camera in "Far" because it will reveal the common drawback of Real Football stream is the ability to show perspective.

Add a new surprise anymore that Real Football 2013 gives players the Club Master mode. This mode is the integration of both Real Football Manager series into one. That is, gamers will have the opportunity to become a real football management, from managing the team, transfer to such care outside the gym, ... all for one purpose is to raise the strength of the entire team.

Real Football 2013 offers new card mode, where players can buy or upgrade to his players become more prominent. Also, you can win the lottery search by tags and make your team stronger with system questions test your knowledge of attractive football.

In Real Football 2013 for Android, the players can all be practiced on the basis of different fields, from the physical strength to both technical and tactical thinking. In addition, gamers can upgrade stadiums and attract fans, advertising links to stores or for funding to develop a comprehensive team.
Overall, in this version of Real Football 2013, the game speed is pushed up fast. The opponent will become more dangerous and faster speed makes new players feel extremely difficult to control the ball, never even touched the ball. Add to that the referee factors - the referee was very harsh and unpleasant, red is their favorite color. If the player made a mistake near the post or from a little distance behind the right was able to get a red card.

In terms of overall, "the look" of Real Football 2013 for Android is the harmony between the players and the images surrounding context. The Bridge School, a golf ball, the cheers of the crowd made the game much more exciting than the last - Real Football 2012. Specifically, though that's probably slightly graphic cartoon, but still very beautiful with character movement is quite flexible, relatively "smooth". Besides, the sound is also portrayed the atmosphere of a vibrant, hot!


The game is a real player

Led the club to success

Take control of your team on the field during the championship or cup competition. Let's start with a basic team, then you need to improve the ability of players to win championships and compete against human world top teams to win the championship or cup.

Game real football and life

For the first time in the game Real Football series, players can experience the names and portraits of over 3,000 top players in Europe and the world FIFPro license. Regularly updated application to transfer game updates and the latest change players.

Develop your club

The best club in the world possess the most modern facilities. It's time to play a wise manager. Please put the player into the framework by developing the skills of their field, namely increased physical capabilities, the technology and tactics of players like a real head coach. Earn more money and attract fans by expanding the stadium, sales in the shop and signed the largest sponsorship contract.

Experience the most attractive game

Smooth graphics and true will make every step a player like real life from your device screen. Experience more than 700 animated transition effects when playing on AI enhancements such as on-screen TV with audience effects and dynamic context. Real Football 2013 is modeled as lively as watching the actual match.


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